Who we are

Benigni&K is born of the consolidated experience acquired by Studio Benigni & Associates in the business consultancy sector.

Benigni&K is a new business that aims to take the services an associated studio can provide to another level altogether.

The bringing together of all sorts of professionals under one umbrella in order to better deal with the many different procedures and formalities that vary from place to place, is a fundamental characteristic of all that Benigni&K do.

To be able to unite different professional cultures is synonymous with a capacity for dialogue and empathy on the one hand, and the ability to find solutions on the other. The integrated services the professionals at Benigni&K provide is a guarantee that the best possible choices will be made for any and all private or business decisions that have to be taken.

Rome, March 21, 2016
In last November it was formed BK Trust
The company is 100% owned by BK SpA >