... is the formula that sums up the goal Benigni&K set itself when the company was first established in 1991 under the name “Studio Benigni” which, as a result of the merger with Kelmer in 2002, now has a place on the international stage.
Today’s reality was built over time, thanks to an unwavering vision of the future, our staff, our clients and our partners and of course that smidgen of good luck needed for any enterprise to succeed. Most importantly, however, it is our intellectual honesty that has formed the basis of the relationships we have established with our clients

Experience gained through hard work and determination has turned us into specialists in what we do and our market connections also play an increasingly important role.
As we take this next step forward, all our vast experience will come with us along with the absolute certainty that the quality of the one-to-one relationships established with whoever we were dealing with when the size of the business made it easier, will remain high. But, although we will be keeping hold of all our strengths, we fully intend to overcome the inevitable limitations inherent in any “small” business”, particularly the lack of an action plan for growth - our own and our market - and response times that were not fully satisfactory.

Analysing this situation led to our objective to grow quickly through mergers and acquisitions with companies who could recognise that our proposal represented a milestone that shone a light on their own efforts and their own professional lives. Today we share a vision of providing a service that will meet the needs of businesses - from micro to multinational in size and whether they are based in Italy or abroad - without ever neglecting to provide our clients with the daily attention they deserve. That is, and always will be, our main objective. Firma Luca Benigni

Rome, March 21, 2016
In last November it was formed BK Trust
The company is 100% owned by BK SpA >